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CAUV Design

Brooklyn, NY

Nestled in the back room of a shared workshop in the neighborhood of Red Hook you will find CAUV Design studio.

Designer & Maker Joseph Cauvel was raised in NW Pennsylvania before a move to Chicago and now Brooklyn, NY. His deeply rooted attention to detail and passion for creativity push him to learn and develop his craft at every opportunity. Over the years metal working and concrete were added to the woodworking skills passed down from his Dad which round out the main trifecta of elements you can see in his designs. Joe views furniture as interactive interior architecture that surrounds us in our daily lives and therefore should be made to not only function but also inspire us.

Quality materials are sourced locally and great care is given to every project to be sure that the truest form of each piece of furniture is achieved. He also strives to give back to nature and a portion of every sale goes to planting trees in our national forests. Modern heirloom furniture produced individually or in small batch to ensure high standards and generations of enjoyment.