Toronto, ON, Canada

What began as a relationship between client and designer, evolved into camaraderie and ultimately a creative partnership between the two forces behind sachaGRACE – Sacha Nizami and Grace Neal. During the course of their collaboration, the two found themselves drawn to the complexity of Lucite® which starts out as a powder but when in the right hands, can transform into geometric works of art that inspire and amaze. The exquisite artistry of the sachaGRACE collection balances the organic and elemental qualities of Lucite® with an assertive and unconventional outlook. Its geometric designs are deceptively complex and exist in a captivating state of visual tension with their surrounding space; every piece explores the intersection between art and its immediate environment. Each sachaGRACE piece balances edge with elegance, accentuating the relationship between understated simplicity and imaginative design. Proudly handcrafted in Toronto (North America), every item reflects the designers’ unique and creative vision.