Compressed Hardwood Wall Paneling

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May 2017 all finishes

May Furniture custom wall paneling is made with May Furniture's unique signature material Compressed Hardwood. The material is comprised of blends of wood from fast-growth trees such as birch, pine, cedar, poplar, and maple. By using only fast-growth trees, this takes the strain off of slow growth forests and supports new forest growth. Blended wood off-cuts are positioned and arranged using unique methods to create the final material. The end result is a beautifully organic stone-like surface, honed to a smooth matte finish, embodying the warmth and essence of wood.

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Compressed Hardwood

About the Designer

May is a New York based hand-made furniture company. Our furniture is created with lasting craftsmanship, timeless design principals, stories, and imagination. We offer an original collection of furniture pieces in various finish and size options. Travis James, a craftsman and multidisciplinary artist, is the founder and designer of May Furniture.

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 mg 9149 3
May 2017 all finishes