Walnut spoons 2

Casamiento Spoon

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Walnut spoons 2
Walnut spoons 2

These spoons are large and meant for stirring and spooning substantial dishes. West of Noble named it after their favorite potted dish-the national plate of both Guatemala and El Salvador; 'casamiento,' which fueled numerous memorable surf sessions during trips to those beautiful countries.

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L 12" x W 2.25" x H 1.25"

About the Designer

west of noble is a design practice based in los angeles. it's aesthetic is guided by simplicity, sound craftsmanship, and fun; mostly fun.

the firm was started by designer and itinerant woodworker greg mitchell in 2011, but is inspired by a lifetime of various creative pursuits, odd jobs, musical and literary influences, long stretches of no money and few prospects, barely running vintage cars, south american surf travel, and friends and family, without whom the project would not exist.

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Walnut spoons 2
Walnut spoons 2