Glacier (Topographies Collection)

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Building on Snarkitecture’s exploration of excavation as an architectural process, the Topographies Collection transforms a three-dimensional exercise into a two-dimensional wall covering. Stacks of paper were torn by hand to reveal a stepped topography, implying an unknown architectural depth within the image. The textured contours play between the looseness and depth of the torn excavations and the prevision and flatness of the wall surface. Alluding to the aging process of layered wall coverings, Snarkitecture’s design reveals an unexpected relationship between destruction and construction.


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8" L x 10" W

Product Materials

Printed on a Type II Substrate, a vinyl wall covering that is scuff-resistant and can tolerate moisture and heat (Fire Rated A – ASTM E84).

About the Designer

Calico Wallpaper is a designer of bespoke wallpaper. It was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2013 by creative and life-partners Rachel and Nick Cope. Their process combines artisanal methods from the decorative arts with innovative digital technologies. The result is an entirely customised and non-repeating wall mural. Calico aims to raise wallpaper to the status of art through their original use of gilded metallic colours and a buoyant style which creates depth and movement.

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