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Cosmos korinthian sea copy
Cosmos korinthian sea herta detail

Our COSMOS line is the universe as we know it. The microcosm - the littlest largest place you've ever been to. The sea, the sky, the sun; of Domvraína, Voiotiá, Greece. A large portion of Stephanie's family knows the stones, the coral, creatures, ancient trees, the roads.. and oh!! the shimmer of light refracting, reflecting, showing off every last drip of it.

COSMOS is a deep vibrant matte - or not - strié painted finish with original-every-time bursts of hand-gilt leaf.

The KORINTHIAN SEA is what you dive into each and every day - when you’re lucky..

You swim out in the warmest cold you’ve ever encountered, pop your head out for some sweet air and you look - look look look

and look some more at the dazzle that is before you..

The brilliance of this blue and gold clash harmoniously into a rich, luxurious sea for a space begging to showcase it’s natural light.

KORINTHIAN SEA is deep matte luxe blue color strié that fades in and out.


This is one sample.

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9.5" L x 8.5" W


100% Hand-Painted Wallpaper Non-woven paper, water-based paint, metal leaf and size

About the Designer

SARKOS is a collection of 100% Hand-Painted Wallpaper. Founded in 2015 by Stephanie Dedes & Adam Reimers, each panel is painted-to-order in our Brooklyn NYC studio. They believe in creating subtle, yet luxurious, atmospheres inspired by the natural world - through good design and hand-made work. Their direct inspiration comes from the beautifully rugged landscape of Greece, where half of Stephanie's family hails from. Because they hand-paint every panel from start to finish, no two panels are ever exactly the same, allowing them to to offer clients a one-of-a-kind installation every time.

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Cosmos korinthian sea copy
Cosmos korinthian sea herta detail