Meridian modular credenza single clean

Meridian Modular Credenza Single

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Meridian modular credenza single clean
Meridian modular credenza single prop

By far the most versatile construction in Force/Collide's portfolio, the Meridian Modular Credenza is an all steel construction consisting of double-sided paneling and all-hidden fasteners. It provides total flexibility; the credenza breaks apart into three individual cabinetry components that can be reconfigured in numerous ways, or isolated and used independently. Hyper-dimensional in any arrangement, there is virtually no top or bottom to any one of the three components, lending them to function seamlessly in every 90 degree rotation.


The beauty of this design is that each of the three units is fully functional and complete in their stand-alone forms. Not only can they be broken down to independent pieces, but each piece is capable of rotating 90 degrees to accommodate alternative storage solutions.

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Blackened hot rolled steel


92.75" x 16.25" x 38"

About the Designer

Force/Collide is a platform for building high-end furniture and architectural works based in Seattle, WA. Our design conveys dynamic tension through bold angles that are balanced against the weight of material, multifaceted perspectives and optimized function. Executed with the upmost care for quality and integrity, our fabrication process demands attention to detail and refined technique at every stop from design and prototyping through to finish work. We strive to push the boundary of possibility while meeting every parameter of function and design.

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Meridian modular credenza single clean
Meridian modular credenza single prop