Morgan Flat-Weave Rug

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This rug is like the MVP of the Aelfie team. It is edgy yet upscale, so it works for pretty much everyone. No one will not like it. Like, you could invite the entire A$AP Mob over to your house, offer them all house slippers and drink slanted spiced apple cider with them around this rug. They would be like, “yo, I like your rug. Very RVRE.” Everyone else would like your rug too, who isn’t A$AP, but that’s not as fun to think about because it is only fun to think about fun things. This rug can be your fun friend while you are doing your taxes like the grown ass person you are trying to be but it will remind you that everything in your life is basically a total win and you have gotten to the point where taking care of teeth and taxes are boss status.

Aelfie rugs are designed in Brooklyn and handmade by artisans in India.

Rug Pads available at an additional cost.

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2' x 3'

2'6" x 8'

3' x 5'

4' x 6'

5' x 8'

6' x 9'

8' x 10'

9' x 12'


80% Wool, 20% Cotton

About the Designer

AELFIE is a boutique label dedicated to creating contemporary home goods utilizing age-old techniques. The studio's work is informed by youth culture, antique textiles, high fashion and the history of decorative arts and crafts. AELFIE's rugs are handmade using traditional methods native to Northern India, their region of production. Each design is informed by founder Oudghiri's thoughtful approach to textiles and evident love of color and play.

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