Perisphere   ball blues rect


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Perisphere   ball blues rect
Gold ball
Table balls

Inspired by geometry and the love of shape and form, our Perispheres' can be used as a cushion or a plaything. Designed for fun. We craft each 5-sided panel from select hides of leather and fill with hand-compressed micro-foam. Each piece is finished with traditional hand-lacing. Made to order in Brooklyn.

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10"L x 10" W x 10" H; Circumference: 31”


Natural Grain Leather


Black, Grey, Cream

About the Designer

Moses Nadel is a family-run boutique atelier in Brooklyn, NY offering an eclectic range of high quality items crafted with a wide variety of exceptional materials. The designers, makers and manufacturers that compose the studio, strive to make the finest interior items as well as bags and accessories. Moses Nadel's contemporary clean-lined design supports a modern, flexible environment that allows one to easily reconfigure and warm their surroundings. With a versatile range of shapes, sizes and finishes, Moses Nadel's personalization and customization enriches a deeper connection between you and your living space. A fundamental love for aesthetics and function is at the core of all Moses Nadel creations. Moses Nadel believes that adorning your world with something beautiful is empowering.

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Perisphere   ball blues rect
Gold ball
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