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UNI Candlestick

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2o3a0420 273
2o3a0420 273

A reinterpretation of the hand-built coiling technique. Challenging the structural limitations of clay and exploring exoskeleton sculptures.

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4.5" W X 4.5" L X 2.5" H



About the Designer

SIN is a multi-disciplinary design studio that makes feel goods. 100% American-made home goods that you and your home can feel good about.

SIN does not make things. It makes comfort. SIN makes reasons to go home. Things you can wrap up in. Things made slow. With two bare hands. Things worth sharing. Or hoarding. Depending on your prerogative. Things that help you find home, wherever you are.

SIN believes in products made in the USA, using the highest quality materials, paying fair wages, thoughtful and timeless designs, and supporting lost American crafts.

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2o3a0420 273
2o3a0420 273