Font cofee table

Font Coffee Table

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Font cofee table
Font cofee table

This coffee table is composed of a hand made ceramic base thrown on the potter's wheel using terra cotta. The base lip has a groove where a black silicone cord holds the glass surface.

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Base size: 15" diameter X 15" H

Glass size: 36" diameter X 3/8" H


Terra cotta body (clear glazed, sand blasted and waxed with bees wax), Tempered glass (low iron with pencil polish), silicone

About the Designer

Eny Lee Parker currently resides and works in Savannah, Georgia.

The purpose of her designs is to explore the human need/want. Her fascination with the mind and behavior of people leads to objects that echo humanity in character, emotions and even physicality.

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Font cofee table
Font cofee table