Brooklyn, NY

Designer Brit Kleinman founded AVO in 2014 with a mission to inspire a new appreciation for leather and its innovative use in the home.

Rooted at the intersection of art and design, AVO’s signature “Painted Plains” collection of hand-painted cowhide rugs play with the juxtaposition between material, shape and pattern. AVO continues to develop these dynamic visuals through a wide range of products including pillows, furnishings, and wall coverings.

Design and development of bespoke leather is at the core of what AVO does. Forms and patterns are thoughtfully crafted in their Brooklyn Studio with all of their painting done by hand. With a small and dedicated team, AVO approaches each new design with a discerning eye and a passion for experimentation.

AVO's Spring 2016 Intersection Collection explores the synergy of lines, shapes, and patterns inspired by the communal energy of movement within cities. Cities are comprised of individuals on their own paths setting their ideas and actions into motion, but it’s how they interact, clash, and collaborate with each other that makes those paths dynamic.

Elementary lines, simple shapes, and distinctive textures intertwine together to create intersection. Our work focuses on exploring the journey, rather than the destination of the final pattern.

It is the points of intersection that then tell the story of the adventure had along the way.