This beautiful alpaca wool rug is an understated but warm addition to any home. Designed by Caroline and created in collaboration with artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, this rug is a firm favorite of our new collection. Caroline traveled to Teotitlan, Mexico to work side by side with her head weaver, Pedro. He is a third generation weaver and uses traditional techniques for his collections. For these rugs we used hand spun wool undyed and untreated so there is a natural color variation in each rug making each piece truly unique.

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4.9' L x 2.5' W



About the Designer

Caroline Z Hurley is a home-ware company based in Brooklyn, NY.

Caroline is a painter and traveler; she draws inspiration from brush strokes and far-flung bazars. Each collection is based on a city – Essaouira, Oaxaca City, Antigua, and next season is Rome, Italy! Caroline’s creativity and senses are heightened through travel - she absorbs the culture and color of each city and heads back to her Brooklyn studio to create her collection.

After graduating from RISD caroline took an inspiring trip to Bali. When she retuned her paintings took the form of textiles and before long her company was born.

Caroline produces all of her products using the cottage industry and has direct relationships with each of her manufacturers. Through her network of skilled manufacturers she works with block printers in New Bedford, ceramicist in North Carolina, quilters in New Jersey and weavers in Peru, Guatemala and Mexico.

Production for Caroline Z Hurley started with a cooperative in New Bedford, MA. She trained these skilled weavers how to block print and now they produce all of Caroline’s block printed pieces.

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