The name for the Nunki Collection is Babylonian in origin, and the refers to Sigma Sagitarii, the second brightest star in the constellation Sagittarius. This collection was made in collaboration with John Hogan.

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5” round brass canopy with hang straight hardware and 36” long brass tube hardline. Additional tube is available upon request. Bottom part is 18" wide, and 7" in height.

Product Details

40W G25 White Globe Bulb Included Voltage: 120 UL Listed.

About the Designer

Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister met on MySpace in late 2007. They started making things and otherwise didn’t really have a plan. They dated for a few years, the business grew, they stopped dating, the business grew, and grew and grew and grew. They were self producing all of their products and found that all they were doing was business, business, business in a depressing industrial park in south Seattle. During this time Jamie fell in love with Aaron Keeler, got engaged, brought Aaron on as a partner and they then all hatched a plan. They downsized the company, outsourced the fabrication, got a beautiful studio space overlooking Puget Sound and returned to what they love – designing beautiful products. Products that are simple, use natural materials, are just the right composition and proportion, are fabricated in the US and assembled in their studio. They all live together in a townhouse in Capitol Hill with their dogs Sid and Gus and now they have a plan. It’s sort of The Real World meets design studio, or something

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