The 104 Desk is comprised of an industrial fiberglass top and steel legs that are powder coated, have adjustable feet and are removable. The desktop is equipped with a grommet for cord access and the back rail is slightly curved to provide a resting spot for pens.

Our manufacturer fabricates the 104 Desk using a hand lay-up process. This is the oldest and simplest method for making fiberglass designs with an open mold. This process is used for lower volumes and is more labor intensive but incredibly strong; it’s frequently used to make boat hulls. Layers of fiberglass are piled onto a custom mold and then a resin is poured on top, a process which must be monitored so that entrapped air can be squeezed out as the resin begins to cure and harden.

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L 40" x W 20" x H 22-31"

Product Materials

Fiberglass and Steel

About the Designer

WINTERCHECK FACTORY® is Kristen Wentrcek and Andrew Zebulon Williams. Located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, the studio designs and fabricates an in-house furniture line alongside project specific installations. Uniting both traditional and unconventional materials, the designs reference industrial objects, translating them into sculptural forms.

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