Bookscapes are functional sculptures born out of a desire to honor and display our books and inspired by a cross country trip. Mountains displays an open book, Peaks shows off the cover, and Waves holds your page. Mountains is ideal for your most beautiful books, keep even your largest art books open and slowly turn a page at a time to fully appreciate the visuals. Peaks is a good place for your books that are on deck, books of all sizes can be displayed so that the cover or the spine is facing out. Waves is perfect for your small books and novels, even if you are reading a few at a time.

All three Bookscapes are crafted of solid spanish cedar hand dyed black and sealed with a waxed based finish. Waves introduces a blackened steel component to the collection.

Handcrafted in USA.

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12"W x 5"W x 4"H

Product Materials

Spanish Cedar, Blackened Steel

About the Designer

Trey Jones Studio is a furniture and objects design studio based in Washington DC. Driven by the search for new and interesting forms, as well as the exploration of materials and techniques, Trey Jones creates design objects that are highly sculptural and functional.

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