Inspired by the reflections of light and transparencies found in gemstones, these metal and glass side tables translate facets through layers of color. Their modular geometries allow for sculptural arrangements within a space and gracefully transfer color onto the floor surfaces they occupy. Each is thoughtfully hand crafted in the USA.

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L 15" x W 15" x H 18"

Product Materials

brushed brass or brushed nickel plated base, laminated low iron glass.


Base: brushed brass or brushed nickel plated base, Top: pink, blue, or smoke laminated glass

About the Designer

Debra Folz Design blurs boundaries between disciplines and their assigned material identities, lending consistent focus to the incorporation of textiles and embroidery techniques with furniture forms. Her work is motivated by the translation of traditional craft and manufacturing methods into contemporary visual languages and objects, collaboration & the ambition to learn new techniques is key to her process. This studio’s work prioritizes and supports American manufacturing by building trusted and rewarding relationships with highly skilled craftspeople throughout the New England region.

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