The pizza that’s perfectly round, with toppings precisely placed and cheese uniformly over-applied… That’s some other guy’s order. Your pizza is art. You put your back into your dough and passion into the ingredients, along with some measure of restraint. You’re working with your senses and creating a craft.

Here is a pizza peel that reflects the artifice of a fine pie. A quick spin of the handle through your palm before retrieving the pizza from the oven: Comfortable utility. Slice and serve on the board, leaving the newest score to reveal the history of your passion: Pride in presentation. Each peel is hand-shaped from domestically sourced hard maple, then treated and accent painted with FDA approved, food-safe finishes. As a finishing touch, each is hot iron branded with the craftsman’s mark.

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Hard Maple; MilkPaint


White/Pink; White/Grey; Light Blue/Slate

About the Designer

FEHLŌ founder and designer Zac Lopez-Ibanez comes from a long line of textile makers. He remembers the first time he went to work at his grandfather's North Carolina textile mill at age 8. Hundreds of employees huddled around massive knitting machines that whirred and churned as they produced thousands of cuffs and collars. This traditional mode of production was tempered by his mother's work at Penland School of Crafts. There Lopez-Ibanez learned the value of handcrafted goods. "The stark contrast between the textile mill and the artisans who work tirelessly to produce a single item inspired me to create something new," says Lopez-Ibanez.

Zac cultivates relationships with American craftspeople who are dedicated to high-quality items. FEHLŌ creates an international platform for these handcrafted pieces through low-volume runs of artisan home goods.

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