Drawing from childhood memories of picking petals off a daisy, in French called ‘effeuiller la marguerite’, artist Pascale Girardin, and Brooklyn design studio, Juniper, present Love Me Not, a light-filled pendant. The organic shape is crafted from five layers of hand-formed, porcelain-finish acrylic, so no two fixtures are identical. Suspended individually or in a cluster, Love Me Not (À La Folie) delivers a magical display of art and light.

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L 36" x W 36" x H 16"

Product Materials

Acrylic, Aluminum, Copper

Material Finishes/Variants

Black Oxide, Polished Copper (Heatsink)

About the Designer

Juniper is a Brooklyn-based design and manufacturing company founded in 2011. The ethos of the company was formed around the belief that good design is essential and holds the power to change people’s lives. Juniper promotes this ideal by offering thoughtful solutions in lighting, furniture and accessories that address the way people live today. Akin to the Juniper tree, after which the company is named, each product embodies simplicity and naturalism in form and function, while holding durability and adaptability at the root.

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