With an innovative mix of materials, our Woven Pendant makes a bold statement without overpowering. A large, gently curved porcelain shade is fused with hand-woven round reed in your choice of color (shown in Ombre Sienna/Plum/Black Indigo), suspended by a twisted grey cloth cord. Bulb, brass mounting hardware, and ceramic canopy included.

The ombre weave is created with 3 weavers (called 3-rod wale), which creates a more solid (opaque) appearance. The solid weave used two reeds (called twining) which has a more open feel and exposes more of the ceramic frame.

Available in Ombre & Solid reed colors.

Download Tear Sheet


Porcelain, Reed, Cloth Cord


H 7″ x W 8″ x L 8″

About the Designer

Pigeon Toe is a new perspective on the beauty inherent in every day. We explore the aesthetic potential of objects that populate and create our lives; we accentuate function and redefine form. Each piece that leaves our north Portland studio is alive with the joy and vision of its makers, the result of a process that begins with imagination and insight, takes shape through skilled hands, and is fulfilled by you. You will know a Pigeon Toe piece by its purpose, you will remember it for its presence, and you will love it for what it transcends.

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