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5" H x 4.25" W x 4.25" D




Indigo granite, kaleidoscope, & green ice

About the Designer

SPADONE HOME is the product of brother and sister design team, Miles and Molly Spadone with a studio located in Kennebunk Maine. Together, we grew up in our father's furniture studio, observing the production of Modernist and Art Deco furniture. Today, we work above our father's studio and often collaborate on projects and ideas. Having spent our entire lives imersed in the world of craft, material, and process we decided to create SPADONE; a product line dedicated to designing and builiding, by hand, unique objects in unique materials. Being a multidisciplinary team we work fluently in clay, gypsum, wood, and plastic. Using such a plethora of materials has given us the ability to expand our scope of work and produce highly functional objects of beauty.

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